HypnoBirthing Inverloch


A 5 week program to educate, empower you and your partner for a positive birth experience.

HypnoBirthing gives you the power, through preparation and education to have a positive birth. Moving from a place of fear, into a place of confidence, will not only ensure that you are better prepared for birth, but it will help you to be more comfortable during your labour and birth. HypnoBirthing families frequently report shorter more comfortable birthing experiences.

HypnoBirthing families frequently report shorter more comfortable births, and women who use the techniques are less likely to need medical interventions, such as inductions, epidurals and caesarean sections.


  • Teaches deep levels of relaxation to eliminate the fear that causes tension and, thus, pain
  • Greatly reduces and often eliminates the need for chemical painkillers and drugs
  • Shortens the first phase of labor
  • Leaves mother alert, fresh, awake and with energy
  • Helps keep oxygen supplied to baby during birthing
  • Reduces the need for an episiotomy
  • Reduces and often eliminates fatigue during labor
  • Empowers parents with techniques to achieve a gentle, calm birth for themselves and their baby
  • Gives the birthing companion an integral role in the birthing
  • Embraces the concept of pre-birth parenting
  • Teaches breathing techniques that allow a woman to gently breathe her baby into the world without the violence of hard, physical pushing

4&22MondayThe ideal time to commence classes is around 25-28 weeks of pregnancy

Small group sessions face to face or via ZOOM

Group Classes — $630
Private Classes — $850

*Payment plans are available; please contact Louise for further details. Louise would like HypnoBirthing to be available to all women, so please, feel free to discuss how she may be able to assist you.

Contact Louise to arrange a zoom meeting to discuss if HypnoBirthing is for you.

2022 Sessions Bookings available

February: Monday 7th, 14th ,21st, 28th February & 7th March (5 sessions). 6.30-9pm. BOOKED OUT

March: Tuesday 15th, 22nd, 29th March & 5th &12th April (5 sessions) 6.30-9pm. 1 spot left

May: Tuesday 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th & 31st May  (5 sessions) 6.30-9pm. 1 spot left

July: Tuesday 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th & August 2nd (5 sessions) 6.30-9pm. 1 spot left

August: Monday 15th, 22nd, 29th August & September 5th & 12th (5 sessions) 6.30-9pm.

October: Monday 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th & 31st October  (5 sessions) 6.30-9pm.

November: Monday 14th, 21st & 28th November & December 5th & 12th (5 sessions) 6.30-9pm.


You will learn

  • What you need to know to achieve safer, easier and more comfortable birth
  • To explode the myth that pain is a necessary accompaniment to labour
  •  What’s wrong with labour as it exists with most other childbirth methods
  •  Techniques of deep relaxation to help you eliminate the Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome
  •  How your body is naturally designed to conceive, nurture and birth your baby with ease and comfort
  •  To create your body’s own natural relaxant, the only safe labour enhancement
  •  Natural ways to bring your body into labour without artificial chemical induction
  •  How you and your birthing companion can create a birthing environment that is calm, serene and joyful, rather than tense and stressful
  •  Gentle birthing techniques that allow you to breathe your baby into the world without the violence of hard physical pushing
  •  To use your natural birthing instincts to birth your baby in a way that most mirrors the way that nature intended

Teaching mothers and birth companions techniques for safe and satisfying birthing through guided imagery, visualisation, and special breathing.

Classes can be run in a group tuition setting or private tuition. Group tuition is for a maximum of four couples (this includes your partner or birth companion), to allow for a relaxed atmosphere and optimal interaction with your practitioner. Private tuition is for those who wish to do so perhaps in the privacy of their own home.

Benefits of HypnoBirthing

As a Midwife, HypnoBirthing teacher and mother, I’m troubled and saddened by the statistics of women who have traumatic births.

30% of new mums are upset by their birth experience.  More than 15% of mums (and 10% of dads) end up suffering from Post Natal Depression and approximately 9% have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  These figures are not ok!

Education is the starting point to changing the culture that birth is something to be feared and medicalised.

We need more education for mothers on how our bodies should work during birth, that our bodies work in harmony with our babies and not against each other during labour, how we can manage pain most effectively, and most importantly how to remain calm when things don’t go to plan.  HypnoBirthing, I believe, is that all encompassing education that women and their birth partners need in order to give them the best chance at avoiding the negatives in childbirth.


  • 80% fewer requests for pain medication
  • 50% less epidurals
  • 45% reduction in cesarean sections
  • Shorter labour by an average of 3 hours
  • Decreased use of artificial induction
  • Fewer pre-term and low-weight babies
  • It reduces or eliminates fatigue during labour, leaving the mother fresh, awake and with energy for the birthing
  • Happier and more content mothers and babies
  • Babies more alert; able to nurse almost immediately
  • It promotes special bonding of the mother, baby and birthing companion
  • Fewer cases of postnatal depression reported
  • It promotes more rapid postnatal recovery
  • Creates a more integral role for the birthing companion
  • Gives you ongoing skills in relaxation and self-hypnosis to manage stress and pain

In conclusion, you increase your chances of experiencing all the good stuff and reduce your chances of all the negative stuff.

Your tuition fee includes:

  • Your own copy of the 302-page HypnoBirthing Text, HypnoBirthing — The Mongan Method
  • 5 information-packed class meetings, helping you to understand why labor doesn’t have to hurt
  • 5 professionally written scripts for your home practice
  • 2 downloadable tracks for your relaxation, stress reduction, and bonding
  • Handouts for planning your Birth Preferences
  • A set of Birth Prompts for your birth Companion
  • Demonstration and practice in optimal birth positions
  • A free hypnotic session in building birth confidence and eliminating fears
  • A Guide to good pregnancy nutrition
  • Several deep relaxation techniques for use during birthing, plus
  • Well-paced instruction designed to build your confidence and help you to have a safer, easier, and more comfortable birthing
  • Special calm breathing methods for use throughout labour and during birthing
  • Private instruction if desired
  • Small classes for personal attention
  • Body toning exercises and practice
  • The advantage and confidence of the Mongan Method reputation for top-quality birthing preparation
The Mongan Method

Taking The World By CALM

“My dream is that every woman, everywhere, will know the joy of a safe, satisfying birth for both her baby and herself—one she’ll not need to forget.” Marie F. Mongan, 1999

HypnoBirthing® is a unique method of relaxed, natural childbirth education, enhanced by self-hypnosis techniques. HypnoBirthing® allows women to use their natural instincts to bring about a safer, easier, more comfortable birth. Emphasis is placed on pregnancy and childbirth, as well as on pre-birth parenting and the consciousness of the pre-born baby.

The method teaches you that, in the absence of fear and tension, or special medical circumstances, severe pain does not have to be an accompaniment of labour.

You will gain an understanding of how the birthing muscles work in perfect harmony–as they were designed to–when your body is sufficiently relaxed and you trust birth. You will learn how to achieve this kind of relaxation, free of the resistance that fear creates, and you will learn to use your natural birthing instincts for a calm, serene and comfortable birth.

With HypnoBirthing®, you will be aware and fully in control, but profoundly relaxed.

HypnoBirthing®, The Mongan Method, which originated in the US, is now taught in 34 countries around the world, including Australia and has taken the birthing world by calm.