Baby Massage Inverloch

Baby Massage

Parents are discovering that massage can help their child settle, sleep better, reduce crying and relieve problems such as wind, colic, constipation, reflux and eczema. It even helps reduce post-natal depression. Research has also found that caregivers feel more confident, less stressed and felt a closer bond with their baby after learning infant massage.

Baby Massage is more than just relaxation. Learning the right massage techniques is vital to ensure that both you and your baby experience the many benefits that massage can provide.

Sessions are suitable for newborn to 12 months old. You massage your own baby in class (or demonstration dolls are available if baby sleeping or not born yet!), while following the techniques guided by Louise.

Using the correct massage techniques to help empower your parenting by learning your baby’s cues, sleep cycles, the correct times to massage and how to settle your child.

Plus learn the correct techniques to overcome the most common problems faced in the first year of parenting such as wind, gas, constipation, colic, reflux and so much more…..

Learning baby massage in a friendly relaxed and non-judgmental atmosphere will give you the skill and confidence to help enhance a special bond along with many other benefits.

Package 1

Introductory Infant Massage Class In this class the basics of baby Infant massage is covered so parents, carers get an idea of how massage works and will be able to continue at home Benefits from attending this class:

  • better sleep patterns
  • promotes longer sleep
  • less crying
  • best times to massage
  • correct technique methods

Group Class Price: $40  Duration: 45 mins to 1 hour Private 1:1:  $80 Duration: 1 hour @ Life Naturally clinic

Package 2

Complete Weekly Parenting Course This course covers everything you need to know about baby infant massage. Massage techniques are taught in stages so that you can practice at home and come back each week with any questions. Baby Massage classes are held at Life Naturally’s Clinic. Classes can also be arranged at your home or arrange a group of friends or Mother’s group and receive 10% discount.

Week 1

  • Information about massage oils
  • Permission to massage
  • Massage techniques on Legs and Buttocks
  • Contraindications (when not to massage)
  • Parent relaxation

Week 2

  • Benefits of baby infant massage
  • Baby Infant body language
  • When is the best time to massage?
  • Massage techniques Abdomen and Chest
  • Touch relaxation
  • Bonding
  • Massage for older children
  • Massage techniques for Face, Arms and Back

Week 3

  • Colic discussion
  • Strokes for wind, colic and constipation
  • Lymphatic exercise
  • Massage techniques – review of full body massage
  • Questions
  • Evaluation
  • Graduation

Group Price: $105 Duration: 1 to 1.5 Hour Per Week, For 3 Weeks

Package 3

Private 1:1 Course (Carried Out At Parents Home) $200 Duration: 1-1.5 Hours Per Week, For 2 Weeks + travel

Travel costs

  • 15km radius to Inverloch (Inverloch, Wonthaggi, Wattle Bank, Kongwak): free
  • 15-30km radius (Kilcunda, Leongatha, Korumburra): $25
  • 30-50km radius (Foster, Fish Creek, Phillip Island, Grantville): $50