Acupuncture Inverloch


Acupuncture can be used in supporting the physical and emotional changes that occur during pregnancy, labour and postpartum. It offers women the choice of drug free treatment and can be used for a wide range of conditions such as nausea & vomiting, pregnancy related aches and pains and mastitis.

Acupuncture is a therapy based on principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Needles are inserted into the body to stimulate the energy of the body, which is known as ‘Qi’ in Chinese Medicine.

Initial acupuncture consultations involve a conversation about your condition, how it started and your overall health. Acupuncture is a holistic therapy, which means trying to understand your condition as one aspect of your whole body.

Louise may also do a physical examination, including checking parts of your body, feeling your wrist pulse and looking at your tongue.

A diagnosis will be made according to traditional Chinese Medicine principles. Your acupuncture treatment will be discussed with you before we start.

A regular treatment consists of inserting fine needles into the skin all around the body including limbs, abdomen, back and (sometimes) head. Clients can feel a number of sensations usually described as tingling, numbness, heaviness, or warmth in the area being needled. Some clients feel no sensation at all.

Louise works gently. If you feel any discomfort, she can make adjustments until you feel more comfortable.

Acupuncture is usually performed on clients when they are lying down. Clients tend to remain clothed while having treatment. The needles remain in approximately 20 minutes.

Louise may also speak with you about changes to make to your lifestyle – exercise, diet, emotional or behavioural. In some cases, we may recommend herbal supplements.

A combination of techniques may be used to address your specific needs including Needling (disposable, sterile, single use needles are used), Moxibustion and Cupping. In Acupuncture, the needle (almost hair thin) is tapped in through a guiding tube so you barely feel it going in. At their first treatment, most first timers are pleased to say “that didn’t hurt at all”.

The initial consultation will last about 60 minutes. A follow up appointment will be similar, but with more focus on treatment. It will last 45-60 minutes.

A course of treatments depends on the severity of the condition, and how long ago it started. We expect significant change in 4-6 weeks.

Initial Consultation $110

Return Acupuncture $90

Express Acupuncture $80


What’s it good for?

Acupuncture is a therapy that complements standard medical care. It is generally considered safe but occasionally (as with all health treatments) may be associated with possible adverse reactions in individual cases.

Acupuncture and herbs are both an integral part of Chinese medicine practice, which may help people to manage a range of symptoms including pain, stress and fatigue.
Through practice and experience, Louise has seen that acupuncture is especially good for:

  • Management of pain, stress and fatigue related to some autoimmune disorders in consultation with other treating practitioners
  • Management of pain, fatigue and nausea related to many chronic conditions
  • Management of vomiting or nausea arising from chemotherapy
  • Stress
  • General health

If you have any questions as to whether acupuncture could be useful for you, please email us.

About Pregnancy Acupuncture

Louise provides acupuncture to women seeking support during pregnancy. Acupuncture offers women the choice of drug free treatment and can be used for the treatment of a wide range of conditions during pregnancy.

  • Pregnancy related aches and pains
  • Nausea and vomiting

Your treatment is individually tailored according to your needs, and your circumstances, in order to guide you towards optimal health.

Acupuncture & Fertility

Preconception planning helps you to identify the health concerns and other issues that prevent you from being the best you can be. The healthier you are, the healthier all your cells are – right down to the eggs and sperm that will form the building blocks of your baby’s very structure.
Louise will guide you through acupuncture treatment plans.

Acupuncture & IVF

There are things you can do which support you during your fertility treatment.
Many health practitioners may recommend acupuncture as an adjunct treatment that may assist with IVF treatment.

Research has shown Acupuncture can contribute not only to how you feel during your IVF cycle but may also contribute to your chance of success.

Acupuncture has an important role to play in fertility challenges and as a support treatment to IVF. Several research studies have confirmed the positive outcome Acupuncture can have on IVF cycles.

Consult your treating practitioners about how acupuncture may be able to help you.

Special interests

Louise has a special interest in preconception care for men and women, infertility, IVF support, health in pregnancy, birth preparation and labour support, post-natal and baby health, as well as general health for the whole family. She also treats menstrual issues throughout the life cycle, including menarche and menopause.

Acupuncture & Menopause

Acupuncture is a gentle, natural, non-evasive and effective way to deal with the symptoms of menopause. Acupuncture balances menopausal symptoms, by balancing hormones, reducing hot flushes, insomnia and irritability and by inducing better sleep. It will improve your quality of life and inspire you to take a positive perspective on the changes happening in your life.

Traditional Chinese Medicine views the menopause as a natural occurrence. It is said to be brought about by a deficiency of yin. Throughout our life we expend Yin by work, stress, grief, giving birth, taking care of others illness and just general day to day living. This means that your body is not as efficient at balancing your natural rhythms of cooling, calming, moistening, leaving us with symptoms we describe as irritated, hot flushes, anxiety, not sleeping and generally feeling out of balance and not quite ourselves.

“This is a time to be gentle with your-self and rebuild your energy reserves”

Acupuncture & Menstrual Issues

Acupuncture has been used extensively for thousands of years to help eliminate pain and stress.

Many women struggle with intense cramping, headaches, clotting or mood swings associated with their menstrual cycle. Acupuncture and herbs can help to regulate your cycle and lessen pain by normalizing blood flow. Treatment can be particularly beneficial for teenagers and young women.