Meet Louise

Welcome to Life Naturally

Life Naturally was born from Louise’s passion to work with women to feel the best they can during pregnancy and to be prepared for birth and early parenting.

Louise is a mother to 2 beautiful children who are growing rapidly!!

She is a Registered Nurse/Midwife. She has been a Midwife for many years and discovered the joy of natural childbirth whilst working in a Melbourne Family Birth Center. When she moved to country Victoria she completed her Masters in Applied Science (Acupuncture) as she wanted to offer complimentary services for general health and well being. She has a particular interest in fertility, infertility, pregnancy and women’s health. She has supported many women with preconception, IVF and pregnancy care. Louise continues to practice as a Registered Midwife as she feels this enhances her service to women and families.

Louise is passionate about natural normal birth and is very excited to be sharing the information of HypnoBirthing to couples to allow women to use their natural instincts to bring about a safer, easier and more comfortable birth.
Louise is committed to working with women during the very special time of pregnancy, birth and early parenting.